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Participating Contractor


South Jersey Gas has received New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approval to continue an initiative established in 2009 to encourage energy efficiency. This program offers residents of southern New Jersey the opportunity to receive incentives when installing approved central heating and water heating systems in their homes. All installations must be completed by contractors currently on the South Jersey Gas Participating Contractors List. Zero percent loan programs are available through Energy Finance Solutions to help New Jersey homeowners install the recommended eligible measures.


  • Residential single-family and duplex homes

  • Unsecured loan (homeowner provides no collateral)

  • Borrowers can finance up to $15,000.00 for 7 years

  • Fixed rate of 0% 

  • No fees, points, or closing costs

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Quick approval process

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to $15,000 if you have natural gas or are converting your fuel type to natural gas and/or are installing a furnace and qualifying water heater. If no water heater is installed, an audit by an accredited contractor will be required to confirm the existing atmosphere. Maximum loan amounts change periodically, please inqure.

Maximum Loan Term

7 years with affordable payments at 0% interest. No kidding! Also, there is no penalty for early repayment. Ultimate flexibility! 

Contractor Requirements

The contractor who performs your gas to gas or alternate heating fuel conversion installation must be a participating South Jersey Gas contractor. Get in touch with a participating contractor or use the Contractor Search tool to find a contractor near you.

Wooden Furnitures


A list of the minimum efficiency requirements is available. For more details about approved equipment visit

The South Jersey Gas program is designed to help customers increase their comfort and save money by installing eligible energy efficient equipment in their homes. Therefore, all measures to be installed must meet minimum efficiency requirements to be eligible for financing. The following list provides you with the efficiency requirements of the major equipment eligible for financing. In addition, the equipment must be on the ENERGY STAR list. 

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