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Direct HVAC Installation for Small Businesses and Non-Profits(SBDI)

Atlantic City Electric’s SBDI program was specifically created with businesses and organizations like yours in mind. This program makes improving your business’s energy efficiency easy and affordable, helping you save now and for the long haul. We will identify opportunities to help your business be more energy efficient and assist you in taking advantage of generous incentives to help pay for the upgrades.

CASH INCENTIVES may cover up
to 80% of the total project costs, depending on the project’s energy savings and cost effectiveness. There is no need to pay for the entire project and then wait for reimbursement.

Incentives cover a variety of energy-saving equipment

With The SBDI Program, you can:

  •  Receive financial incentives for installing energy-saving equipment

  •  Save water and energy

  •  Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life

  •  Enhance visibility indoors and outdoors

  •  Improve indoor air quality

  •  Create a more comfortable environment for customers and staff

The program includes a no-cost, on-site energy assessment of your facility, performed by one of our authorized Trade Allies. After the assessment, you will receive customized recommendations for ways to save more energy, as well as detailed cost estimates for any relevant energy efficiency improvement projects.


Estimates and visits are always a free, no-hassle process that we schedule around YOU!

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